Peter Dennis


Entrepreneur, car racing enthusiast, and avid tennis player, SGA Partner Peter Dennis believes every moment counts. Linking these attributes with a diverse career from working with Fortune 500 organizations to community credit unions, and as the author of “The Golden 120 Seconds of Every Sales Call”, (a must-read in Babson College’s “Sales-in-Action" curriculum), Peter specializes in capitalizing on the critical moments that impact business success. Ever the passionate optimist, Peter leads the SGA team in delivering compelling, high-value services to clients; and connecting thought-leaders across multiple disciplines in support of organizations and agencies. Peter and his wife Mary live in Franklin, MA. They have two daughters. 


Ingrid Spence


Creative realist, ardent writer, tennis enthusiast, and enamored with French Bulldogs, SGA Partner and Co-founder Ingrid Spence believes that our experiences shape our growth. A creative thinker with an analytical nature, who has worked in the news media and corporate world, Ingrid believes that the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently is crucial to business success. Ingrid is dedicated to clients’ organizational growth objectives by truly listening, understanding and effectuating their communication goals. Ingrid resides on the South Shore with her husband, Derek, and three daughters.  


Edward Lopes

Senior Consultant - Strategy


A reader, thinker, and exercise fanatic, SGA Advisor Ed Lopes has spent his professional career in and around the banking industry, with three stints as a financial institution CEO and numerous assignments for International Monetary Fund working in developing countries in Africa and the Former Soviet Union. Ed brings expertise in governance, organizational planning, and financial management. Ed lives in Southern New Hampshire with his wife Janice.   


James Quinn

Senior Consultant - Human Resources

Analytical problem solver, respected educator, and aviation aficionado, SGA Advisor Jim Quinn has extensive management and human resources experience, working in manufacturing, high tech, international business, continuing care environments, and banking. Jim is a certified Coaching Supervision Trainer (PHI Coaching Approach®). Jim’s philosophy is “Employees want to be appreciated, respected, recognized, valued, and made to feel that what they do matters.” Jim resides in suburban Boston with his wife Cindy.